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Terrence McCarthy is an Oakland based photographer who has lived and worked in California for over 30 years. He began a career in photojournalism at The Michigan Daily--the University of Michigan's student-run newspaper. He next worked for three years at the Journal Inquirer, an award-winning daily in Western Connecticut. He moved to the Bay Area in 1977 where he worked as a freelance photographer, and in 1978 began a 14 year adventure as the New York Times' go-to freelancer in Northern California. Working for the Times from their San Francisco Bureau, McCarthy worked daily on news, sports, business and culture stories, an experience which seasoned him as a photographer, and introduced him to the depth and richness of California. It was an amazing journey…one which he will be happy to expand upon when you meet him.

In 1992, he began his current commercial photography business and has worked with a host of great agencies and companies and a much beloved network of individuals who not only make the projects happen, but also make them fun. In addition to the photographs--which hopefully speak for themselves--you will find a client list on this site. What you will not find, is the list of all the people who made the photographs possible. It's just too long.

In his spare time McCarthy enjoys cooking, running, baseball, reading, fishing, opera, baseball and making bread. He is especially fond of writing about himself in the third person.

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